Basic Hardware Interview questions and answers for Freshers and Experienced

Hardware Technical Interview question and answers

1. What is the meaning of firmware?
2. How many pins have a joystick?
3. What is the meaning of POST?
4. Difference between SRAM and DRAM?
5. Which AT command is used to reset a modem?
6. How many programs may reside in the HMA?
7. Where do you terminate SCSI?
8. What is another name for twisted pair cable?
9. What is the meaning of ATAPI?
10. When do you need to discharge a CRT?
11. How many pins does an SVGA monitor cable have?
12. What is the maximum hard drive size for the FAT16-based Windows system?
13.Difference between L1 and L2 catch?
14. What is the procedure of to clear CMOS Password?
15. What is the meaning of I/O addresses?
16. What is the meaning of ATAPI?
17. How can you disable bus mastering for a PC card?
18. Which processor uses slot 1?
19. What device prevents power interruptions?
20. What should you do first when troubleshooting a faulty monitor?
21. What is the meaning of EISA?
22. Define Dial-Up access?
23. What is the meaning of Full Duplex?
24.what is the meaning of the ISA System?
25. If your monitor only shows a single line, what is probably the problem?
26. What are the P8 and P9 connectors?
27. What is the meaning of ESD and EMD?
28. What is the purpose of a Thermal Fuse?
29. How many bytes are stored in a hard drive sector?
30. What size is the FAT for a floppy drive?

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