Basic HTML and HTML5 Interview questions and answers For Freshers and Experienced

HTML and HTML5 Technical Interview Questions with answers

1. What is the meaning of HTML?
2. What is the purpose of the tag?
3. What is the meaning of frames and frameset?
4. How to check errors?
5.Differents between HTML elements and tags?
6. What is Semantic HTML?
7.What is the difference between <div> and <Frame>?
8. What is the meaning of the Hypertext link?
9. How to use special characters in HTML?
10. How to Create forms with custom buttons?
11. What are the most common Character entities table in HTML?
12. Give the HTML Image tag?
13. List out the HTML Frame Tags?
14. What are the HTML style sheet tags?
15. Explain HTML Bold and Italic Formatting?
16. Explain HTML Spaces formatting?
17. How to create Table Attributes in HTML?
18. What is the purpose of the IMG tag in HTML?
19.Syntax of HTML form?
20. What is the purpose of HTML Script?
21. How to use audio/ Video methods in HTML?
22.List the Audio/ Video events in HTML?
23. How to Insert horizontal lines in HTML?
24. How to add a background color in HTML?
25. How to create an email link in HTML?
26. How to create a bulleted list in HTML?
27. How to create a drop-down list in HTML?
28. What is the meaning of ISP?
29. What is the meaning of URI?
30.HTML stands for?

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