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Loud Study - An online educational system to help students all over the world. We are setup with the motive to educate students all over the globe free of cost.

Loud Study has also came up with an idea to educate students at an affordable fee offline in India through an Organisation i.e. आवासीय सरस्वती शिक्षा निकेतन

Loud Study doesn't charge any fees either in form of cash or reward. We provide all study materials and information free of cost.


Madan Mohan

Madan Mohan ( Founder, Loud Study ), who is a Software Engineer by Profession and An online Educator by passion at Loud Study, thought to create a website to provide free education all around the globe, and thus in August 2018, he launched a website i.e. Loud Study ( https://www.loudstudy.com ) to educate students all round the globe.

Later in September 2018, he launched Loud Study's official YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/LoudStudy to provide video tutorials and live classes to students free of cost. 

He interacted with teachers all around the globe to get their help in preparing study materials for students in various subjects as well as arranged live classes for weak students online to help them out.

" Few Words By Our MD & CEO "
Our motive is to help students mainly residing in India who is involved in the preparation for competitive exams whether it be banking, army, or any state or central government exams free of cost.

According to his idea, within a year Loud Study will bring teachers as well as students together all around the globe. They are also in the plan to launch their websites in various languages to make it easy to surf for all.

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar ( Co-founder, Loud Study ), who is a professional blogger and an online educator at Loud Study is the whole and solely responsible for managing this website.

He is also an entrepreneur and thus bears all expenses in the design, development, and management of the website.

Soon, he will be launching an app on the google play store namely " Loud Study ", to reach all android phone users who are students and involved in the preparation for any competitive exams.

Many times I heard him saying that " Past of a person can't be changed, but the future of the person is still in his hands only " 

So, forget your past and join us to make your future bright.

If you are ready to help yourself, we will be always there to help you.

Loud Study is now free and will be always free for everyone. Just you need to take a step forward and join the movement " Let's study for free " 

We are also looking forward to arranging mock tests as well as study materials for interested candidates free of cost in India.


Loud Study

Loud Study launched an offline organization namely " Aawashiya Saraswati Shiksha Niketan " in October 2018 to provide offline education to students in India. Under this, they will not only provide study materials for classes VIII to XII in all subjects but also for various competitive exams whether it be related to the government sector, private sector as well as banking sectors.

They had recruited 10 teachers now to provide proper guidance to students as well as help students through their teaching experience. These teachers are well-experienced in their profession.

More initiatives by Loud Study are on the way. Step ahead to support them as your support will motivate them to carry out their good works.

Thanks and Regards,

S. K. Choudhary ( Director )

आवासीय सरस्वती शिक्षा निकेतन "
E-mail : support@loudstudy.com