Basic CSS Interview questions and answers For Freshers and Experienced

CSS Technical Interview Questions with answers:
1.What is the syntax of CSS?
2. How to insert a comment in a CSS file?
3.How to change the background colour?
4.How to display the hyperlinks without an underline?
5.How to make each word in text start with a capital letter?
6.How to create the text bold?
7.How to change the text colour of an element? to set font size?
9.What is the meaning of CSS Float?
10.How to set a background image in CSS?
11.How to set the Width of an element?
12.How to change the text colour of an element?
13.List out the three methods using style sheet with a web page?
14.What is the meaning of Embedded Style Sheets?
15.What is the meaning of CSS selector?
16.Define RWD?
17.What is the meaning of External Style sheets?
18.What is the meaning of an imported style sheet?
19.What are logical and physical tags?
20.What is the meaning of Contextual Selector in CSS?
21.What is the meaning of Group sector?
22.What is meant by Hypertext link?
23.What is the meaning of pseudo-classes?
24.Difference between ID and Class?
25.What is the meaning of ruleset in CSS?
26.What is the meaning of Alternate style sheet in CSS?
27.What is the meaning of Attribute selector?
28.What is the meaning of parent-child selector?
29.What is the meaning of CSS Declaration?
30.Which Browsers were supported stylesheet? What Extend?
31.What is the meaning of cascading order?
32.Difference between Margin and Padding in CSS?
33.What is the meaning of SVG?
34.What is the meaning of Negative infinity?
35.How to add Scrolling text in page?
36.What are the style sheet properties?

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