Tell me about yourself – How to attend HR interview and Questions Answers Preparation

In interview every interviewer ask the first question Tell me something about Yourself? to the candidates. So every candidates knows how to proceed the answer about that questions. This is the very important questions for any kind of interviews.

We are using EES Method for that question of tell me about yourself.

What is EES?

EES means

E- Education

E- Employment


Candidates must have explain their Education details

For example

HR: Good Morning Mr. Mohan

Candidate: Good Morning Sir.

HR: You are applying for the Post of Junior Engineer in IT Dept.

Candidate: Yes sir.

HR: Ok. Mr. Mohan Tell me About your self?

Candidate: I have Completed my Engineering Graduation in Computer Science Department with 90%. I have got 15 months experience in Vectra Infotech worked as a Program devoloper. I am a hardworker, I am very honest and dedicated in my work.

(Note: Mr. Mohan Used EES method in his interview. In interview first He explained His Education details, Then he explained him past work experience. Then finally he told him personal skills.)

HR: OK Good.

How to avoid poor answer to the question of Tell me about yourself?

-> Every Candidates should have read their Job description carefully. For example Company require the Program developer. You should not Explain your Other skills like as hardware skills and networking skills while attending the interview. Because your answer is most relevant to the require position.This is the important things for to attending the interview.

->Another thing candidates should have prepare their answers before attending the interview using the EES method.

How to proceed the best answer to the question of tell me about your self?

For example Someone applying for Sales manager posting for an MNC company. He answered for the question of Tell me about yourself:

->My name Ravi. I have completed MBA with 72% in 2012. I have more sales experience and handle the sales officers. I am able to collect the data s and submit the report and working under the pressure, towards targets and achieve sales targets without any loss.

->This kind of Answer may help to select the candidates for the Requirement. Candidate should have attend the interview with confident and without nerves.

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