Tips for interview preparation- Fresher and experienced

Here in this post, we had mentioned some of the Most important Interview Preparation Tips, which are listed below:

1.Tell me about yourself?

->Every candidates should start with their name and place information and Education details and Experience ( if any ) given as short.

For example:

My name is Madan Mohan. I live in Bangalore. I have done B.E computer science and M.E Computer science. I have 2 years experience in IT Department.

2.Why do you want to work at Our company?

->Every candidates must know the company details briefly.

-> Tell them what you like about company.

For example

You are attend the Wipro interview. You should tell achievements of wipro company.

->Then you tell relate it your long term career Goals.

For example.

Sir, It is a Great Privilege for anyone to work in reputed company like yours.Where I can showcase my technical Skills to contribute to the company growth.

3.What are your strengths?

Below given some instruction to proceed that Question.


.For example

I can work under any situation and pressure. I can adjust everyone.


I am a Hard worker. I can done work on your given time without any mistake. I can work with very dedication and determination.


I am very Honest in my work.


I am flexible in my work. I can work in anywhere, any location


Optimistic Means Positive attitude

I have always Positive thoughts.

-> Fast decision Maker:

I can take a decision as quickly and clearly.


Persistence means Regular in my work.

->Self Motivated:

I can Motivated in my self.

For example.

I am Hard worker, Honest and Self motivated. Working with Positive attitude towards my career and my life.

4.What are your weakness?

anyone Know your weakness because did not affect your profile.

->Straight forward



->More talkative

->Trust people very quickly

->I can’t say no when someone ask for help

->Take decision very quickly

->Gets nerves when talk to strangers

->To speak lie is difficult for me.

->I am bit lazy about which i am n’t interested.

For example:

I can’t say no when someone ask for help and i am bit lazy about which i am n’t interested

Only 2 or 3 weakness you should tell because you may rejected for your weakness.

5.Why should I hire you?

->Share your Knowledge (must you have share your Knowledge and Your Achievements)

-> You must have tell your past work experience.

->You should tell what kind of Skills you have.

->Career Goal( Everyone have a career Goal. So You should tell your career Goal)

For example(Freshers):

Sir, as i am fresher, I have theoretical knowledge but I can do hard work for my organization being punctual and sincere.

For Experience:

with reference to my work experience I satisfy all the requirement for this job. I am sincere with my work & would never let you down in anyway. I promise you will never forget for the decision to appoint me in your Organization.

6.Tell me what you know about this Company?

-> Candidates should have studied the company details and about new Projects

-> Candidates should know the names of Owners and Partners of company

-> Current Research of the company

-> Update your knowledge about their competitors

For example.

It is one of the best faster growing MNC Company in India. Working environment and Atmosphere is very good. This company is help and support to the employees

for achieve their Career goals.Your company have a many branches across the world. So I have good opportunity to show my talent.

7.Why are you looking for a change.(only for experienced)

-> Thanks for previous organization

-> You should explain what you learn from past job.

-> You should Share your reason for Job change as frankly.Whatever it is you should share your reason including salary problem.


I thankful to my previous organization because I’ve learn t lot of things from there. Your organization is good platform where I can learn t more.

8.What your Salary requirements?

This is the most important questions in interview

-> You should never share your salary require as a fresher.

-> If you are experienced you may share your expected salary.

->Always you should share your salary as per the company norms for the job.


For fresher:

I am a fresher. So salary is not first priority to me. This is a good and big platform to start my career and I want to improve my knowledge and skill and gain experience. So I expect a considerable of salary. according to my ability and your company's norms which fulfill my economical needs.

For experience:

I have 2 year experience in IT department. My current salary 46,000 per month has never been a big issue to me. Still i am expecting salary as company norms as per my designation and my qualification.

9.What are your career Goals?

Interviewer wants to knows the Career Goals of the candidate.

->Should have tell their career Goal like as Short term Goal and long term Goal

For example:

My short term Goal is to Join your company. and long term goal is to be in respectable Position in your company.

10.Final question : Do you have any questions to ask me?

->candidates can ask questions about timing, Working Location, Training Period, Salary package, Transport facility.

For example:

Thank you for giving this opportunity. Sir I would like to know the salary Package and Training Period, Transport facility and salary scale for your Organization.

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