How to Prepare Resumes for interview-freshers and experienced?

Every candidates must have Resumes or curriculum vitae(CV) for attend their interviews.
Below given some instructions for make original Resumes or curriculum vitae:
-> Candidates!Your resume must have 1 or 2 page summary. That have your Skills, Work experience and Educational details.
-> A curriculum vitae is same as resume this given long and more details about the candidates. That have Education, Professional experience, Achievements and career goals to describe person the best.
Important points to cover the resumes(as per Interviewer expectation)
Every interviewer have seen the candidates resume before conducting the interview. Interviewer know about candidates details through the resumes. So every candidates should mention details briefly. Some important instructions to make original Resumes.
Listen carefully.
-> Resumes must have Candidates Name & Contact details
. Name should given as full name
.Contact details such as Mobile number, Contact address, E-Mail ID Contact details should given properly because Interviewer communicate candidates. So we give Current residential address
-> Every resumes must have Job Objective(we mention Career Goal, Career interest, Working environment)
->Educational details( Given as table. Educational details given as reversed like Doctorate, Post Graduation, Graduation, 12/H.S.C, 10/S.S.C, & mention Educational Institution & Percentage)
->Mention the Work experience(Only for experienced candidates)
Work experience details:
Name of the company, Address of the company, Job description, Period, Salary Package, Job profile(Working department in past company, Handling roles)
->Mention the Achievements and Awards:(Academic, Sports, Cultural events and other activities)
->Mention the Reports, Research and Publications(if you are Doctorate you have mention your Publications and research)
->Mention the Skills(IT Skills, Software Skills, Any computer course)
->Mention the Conference and workshop Details (if you are attend any conference and workshop you mention details about that conference or Workshop)
->Mention the Training and Certification:( if you have attend any Industrial Training while graduation period Mention the industrial details, Training Period)
->Mention the reference Details (Reference details should given as properly)

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