Computer Application : Uses of Computer in Our Daily Life

Uses of Computer in Our Daily Life

Hello Aspirants, Today we will deal with various computer application or we can also say uses of computer in our daily life.

Computers are used in so many fields in our daily life. Now computers are used in almost all fields either it be medical science, engineering, research etc.

Uses of computer at home :

  • Computer Games : Many games are available to be played on computer. Computer games are  a source of entertainment for children. Many games are developed to improve users capability and thinking power.
  • Entertainment : Computer at home can be used for entertainment purpose such as surfing internet, watching movies, listening songs etc. People can also watch live matches online through internet on computer.
  • Information : People can find various educational websites as well as other information on internet. Users can also download many tutorials, books etc. to improve their knowledge and learn new things.
  • Social Media : Users can chat with their relatives, friends as well as they can make friends throughout the world by social media.
  • Shopping : Many eCommerce websites are available online where people can choose from a large number of products and buy it online. 

Uses of computer in education :
  • Online Learning : Students can learn through various study materials and tutorials online. Even Students can take live classes online.
  • Online Examination : Various competitive examination are now a days organised online. Many examinations like GRE, GMAT and SAT are conducted online all over the world.
  • Online Results : Many examination results are now a days announced online and thus it make easy for students to check their results online.

Uses of computer in business :
  • Marketing : Marketing is an important key of success for any business. An organisation can use computers for marketing their products and services.
  • Advertising : Now a days almost 70 % of the people in this world uses internet as well as social media. Thus, advertising of any business on internet leads to get leads and promotion of product and services online.
  • Stock Exchange : Stock Exchange is the most important place for businessmen. Many stock exchanges use computers to conduct bids. The stockbrokers perform all trading activities electronically on computer.

Uses of computer in medical field :
  • Diagnosis System : Many instruments used in medical field are using computer for diagnosis system. 
  • Hospital Management System : Many hospital management soft wares are designed to automate the day to day procedures and operations at hospitals. 

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