Slimaluma for Weight Loss

Acting as a pretty potent AND patented appetite suppressant, Slimaluma is based on an active cactus ingredient called caralluma fimbriata.

Caralluma fimbriata is a natural cacti that is most commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. It has been used by many for things as basic as the common cold to powerful appetite suppression and in some cases, lean muscle building. The difference is that Slimaluma has been created to specifically suppress appetite in a more effective way than just the original.

On its own or in this particular form, caralluma fimbriata sends signals to the hypothalamus in the brain, telling it that you are full. It sends signals to the brain, telling you to stop eating and that you are full. Slimaluma inhibits the hunger sensory mechanisms of the hypothalamus, even when you have not eaten.

In its patented form, Slimaluma inhibits the formation of Acetyl Co-Enzyme A and Malonyl Co Enzyme A, the basic building blocks of fat synthesis. Slimaluma has been through multiple clinical studies, and all have shown that this product of Gencor Pacific works.

To get the best results, you do need at least 1000mg. But if you do use the clinically proven amounts, then you can get optimal results.

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