What is Super Citrimax?

A patented and all-natural substance, Super Citrimax is a more effective form of the garcinia cambogia fruit. It has been used to promote satiety at lower doses and fat burning and weight loss at higher doses. Through multiple studies, its active component, known as hydroxycitric acid, has been clinically proven to promote satiety, suppress appetite, and inhibit fat production at the same time.

How effective is Super Citrimax?

According to studies, Super Citrimax is literally 3 times as effective as diet and exercise alone! It specifically works to reduce BMI while simultaneously promoting normal cholesterol levels, healthy serotonin levels, and providing a healthy source of calcium at the same time. Super Citrimax converts carbs into energy, meaning no more low carb dieting, just healthy dieting practices. And it ccan help you to avoid the emotional problems that may hold you back.

Is Super Citrimax safe?

Super Citrimax works naturally, and it is GRAS (generally recognized as safe). Super Citrimax is non-habit forming, and many say that it may actually be more effective than the ingredients that are habit forming. And of course, being more absorbable, it even helps many to avoid stomachaches.

What’s the difference between garcinia cambogia and Super Citrimax?

Garcinia cambogia is the base fruit, and while effective, there are certain variables that change with every batch of garcinia cambogia. Citrimax is guaranteed to contain a 50% concentration of the active ingredient, HCA, and Super Citrimax is the most powerful form, guaranteeing a 70% concentration of active ingredients. 

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