BEL(Bharat Electronics Limited) Placement Interview questions with answers and careers

BEL Aptitude,Campus, HR, Technical, Verbal Interview questions with answers For Freshers and Experienced:
1.Hall effect is used to determine
a. Magnetic flux
b. Current density
c. Type of semiconductor material
d. All of the above
2.Silicon is having direct band gap
a. True
b. False
c. No gap
d. None of these
3.Boron is doped in silicon to form
a. P-type
b. N-type
c. Intrinsic
d. None of these
4. Conduction in P-type semiconductor is due to
a. Movement of hole
b. Movement of electron
c. Movement of atoms
d. Movement of electron-hole pair
5.Carbon is not used as semiconductor because
a. It does not belong to silicon group
b. It is a good conductor
c. It is not a conductor
d. Band gap is very high
6. Knee voltage in diode stands for
a. Reverse break down voltage
b. Saturation voltage
c. Threshold of current conduction
d. Peak inverse voltage
7. Reverse saturation current in P-N junction diode is due to
a. Hole conduction
b. Electron conduction
c. Minority carrier conduction
d. Majority carrier conduction
8.In the zener diode the break down in the reverse characteristic current is due to
a. Electrons
b. Hole
c. Electron hole pair
d. Crystal ions
9.The largest current carrying component in P-N-P transistor is
a. Electrons
b. Holes
c. Electron hole pair
d. Silicon atoms
10. Clamping circuit is used for
a. AC to DC conversion
b. Biasing
c. Limiting the amplitude
d. Wave shaping
11.Which of the following transistor configuration is a power amplifier
a. Common emitter
b. Common base
c. Common collector
d. All of the above
12.Common emitter configuration is used for a
a. Current amplification
b. Voltage amplification
c. Current and voltage amplification
d. Charge amplification
13.SCR is based on the principle of
a. Voltage regeneration
b. Current regeneration
c. Power regeneration
d. Power rectification
14. In which of the counter the clock input is common to all flip flops
a. Asynchronous counter
b. Synchronous counter
c. Decade counter
d. Down counter
15.Full adder for two inputs can be developed with the help of
a. Two half adder on OR gate
b. One half adder and two OR gate
c. An EXOR gate and AND gate
d. Two AND gates and an OR gate
16.At absolute temperature, a silicon crystal acts like an insulator because
a. Electrons cannot move through a crystal
b. Electrons are tightly held by other atoms
c. Electrons can break away only by supplying energy
d. All of the above
17.The process of extracting the audio information from the modulated envelope is called
a. Modulation
b. Detection
c. Transmission
d. Oscillation
18. Digital counter cannot be used as
a. Clock
b. Timer
c. Event counter
d. Multiplier
19.Gain of an OP amp. In inverting mode is “Rf / Rn provided, the OP.amp. has
a. Low output impedance
b. Low input bias current
c. High CMRR
d. High open loop gain
20.A logarithmic amplifier will have
a. Inductor feed back
b. Diode feed back
c. Resistance feed back
d. Thermistor feed back
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