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Aditi Aptitude, Campus, HR, Technical, Verbal Interview questions with answers For Freshers and Experienced:
Directions for questions 1-10: Each question comprises four scattered segments of a sentence. Identify from among the four choices the sequences that correctly assemble the segments and completes the sentence.
1. A. Compiling and debugging.
B. Testing.
C. Writing the code.
D. Thinking of the algorithm.
E. Understanding the problem
(a) DBECA                (b) CDABE               (c) ACDBE           (d) EDCAB
2. A. They are the three faces of dysphasia – bad feeling.
B. Anxiety, Depression, and Anger.
C. When the three combine and get out of control, we get what is called mental illness.
D. All of us experience three emotions almost daily.
(a) ACDB             (b) CBDA                 (c) CADB                 (d) DBAC
3.A. Two vital facts must be understood.
B. The subconscious mind has the power to create.
C. The second is that it obeys the orders given to it by the conscious mind.
D. Its function is to bring to full expression whatever is desired by the conscious mind.
(a)ABCD              (b) CBDA             (c) ADBC                 (d) DBAC
4.A. As a result, the world has undergone a transformation.
B. Science and civilization have made rapid strides, especially in recent times.
C. This constitutes the basic factor in the use of productive resources.
D. But behind all the progress of mankind is the human factor which is invaluable and irreplaceable.
(a) ABDC           (b) BADC              (c) DCAB               (d) CBDA
A. But what is not often understood is that this flash is the outcome of long periods of incubation.
B. The layman thinks that it is a spell of divine flash which illuminates the dark and the hidden.
C. True, it does.
D. Inspiration is a much-misunderstood term.
(a) DBAC             (b) ACBD             (c) DBCA                (d) CADB
Directions for questions 11-20: Each problem contains a question and two statements giving certain data. You have to select the correct answer from (a) to (d) depending on the sufficiency of the data given in the statements to answer the question. Mark your answer as
(a) If statement (I) alone is sufficient.
(b) If statement (II) alone is sufficient.
(c) If both (I) and (II) together are sufficient but neither of the statements alone is sufficient.
(d) Either of the statements (I) and (II) is sufficient.
(e) If statements (I) and (II) together are not sufficient.
1.Is z less than w? z and w are real numbers.
(I) z2 = 25
(II) w = 9
2.John studies Chinese in a school. Which school does he attend?
(I) All students in Jefferson High School take French.
(II) Maysville High School offers only Chinese.
3.What is Raju’s age?
(I) Raju, Vimala, and Kishore are all of the same age.
(II) Total age of Vimala, Kishore, and Abishek is 32 and Abishek is as old as Vimala and Kishore together.
1.What would be the output of the following program.
int a[5]={2,3};
%d %d %d”,a[2],a[3],a[4]);
(a) garbage value         (b) 2   3   3   (c) 3   2   2        (d) 0   0   0
2.What would be the output of the following program.
#define CUBE(x) (x*x*x)
int a,b=3;
%d %d”,a,b);
(a) 64    4    (b) 27    4              (c) 27    6        (d) 64    6
3.What would be the output of the following program.
char str[5]=”fast”;
static char *ptr_to_array = str;
(a) Compilation will only give a warning but will proceed to execute & will display “fast”
(b) display “fast” on the screen           
(c) will give a compilation error                     
(d) None of the above
4.What would be the output of the following program.
int i=10;
fn(int i)
return ++i;
(a) 10             (b) 11                (c)12         (d) Compilation error
5.What would be the output of the following program.
int i,j;
(a) 11          (b) 10                 (c)4                (d) compilation error
6.Define DDL and DML in DBMS
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