Ashok Leyland Placement Interview questions with answers and careers

Ashok Leyland Aptitude,Campus,HR,Techinical,Verbal Interview questions with answers For Freshers and Experienced:
1.What types of images do concave and convex lenses produce?
2.Which material has the highest Cp value?
a. air
b. water
c. copper
3.The crystalline structure of graphite is
a. Simple cubic
b. FCC
c. BCC
d. HCP
4.Which of the following has lowest thermal conductivity?
a. steel
b. SS
c. Bronze
d. copper
5.Thread can be formed by all process except
a. Forging
b. rolling
c. Turning
d. Milling
6.Unit of kinematic viscosity
7.Material is not removed in which process
punching b. coining c. tapping d. embossing
8.Which is not related to thermal radiation
planck law b. steffan boltzmann law dc. fourier law
9.Which has lowest specific heat-
10.What is the Unit of surface tension?
11.Silencer reduces noise. It also balance to engine
b. increases fuel consumption
c. Decreases fuel consumption
d. reduces vibrations
12.The axial stress on a member which is subjected to a sudden load when compared to load applied gradually is
a. same
b. double
c. half
d. quadraple
13.The crystalline structure of graphite is
a. Simple cubic
b. FCC
c. BCC
d. HCP
14.What is the material used in permanent magnet?
15.Which material has the highest C p value?
a. air
b. water
c. copper
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