Top 1000 Lucent Based Geography Important Questions and Answers

🔹 Geography Important Questions 🔹 

🔹 The vertical movement of air is termed as?

➨ Air turbulence

🔹 Thames river flows in which country?

➨ United Kingdom

🔹 An area legally reserved for wildlife in its natural surroundings is?

➨ Sanctuary

🔹 Firefly gives us cold light by virtue of the phenomenon of?

➨ Bioluminescence

🔹 The warm and dry winds that blow down the steep valley in Japan are called?

➨ Zonda

🔹 Which element plays an important role in nitrogen metabolism?

➨ Molybdenum

🔹 Which disease occurs when sorghum is consumed in excess quantity?

➨ Pellagra

🔹 Apis florea, apis dorsata and apis cerana are the species of which animal?

➨ Honey Bee

🔹 Green Ear, Ergot, Rust are the diseases associated with which crop?

➨ Bajra

🔹 For how many years is sheep able to breed?

➨ 10 years

🔹 Sharadamani is suitable for which crop?

➨ Rabi maize variety

🔹 The major fungi that affect food-grains in storage is known as?

➨ Mucor

🔹 Which is the perennial variety of Elephant Grass (Napier Grass)?

➨ Pusa Giant Napier

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