Definition of Computer

The word “computer” come from the word ’compute’ which means to calculate. Hence, a computer is normally considered to be a calculating device; which can perform arithmetic operations at enormous speed.

In fact, the original objective for inventing the computer was to create a fast calculating machine. But, now a day’s more than 80%work done by computer is non-mathematical or non-numeric nature. As a result, to define computer as a calculating device is ignore over 80% of its functions.

Computer can be defined as a special type of device which operates upon data. Data can be anything like bio-data of various applicants when the computer is used for recruiting personnel or the marks obtained by various students in various subjects when the computer is used to prepare results or creating database for the air passenger or computerized ticketing system in various section like railway, air or different customer service. Now a day’s it is used in different scientific research for problem or in hospital or bank etc.

 So, data comes in various shape and sizes, depending upon the type of computer application. The computer can receive input, process data, store data and retrieve data as and when desired. As the computers processes data, so general people start calling it a data processor.

 The activity of processing data using a computer is called data processing. Data processing consists of three sub-activities: receive the input data, manipulating the data and managing the output results. Processed data arranged in an order and form which is fruitful to people who receive it. Thus, data is the raw material used as input to data processing and after processing data, obtain information as output result.

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