What is the role of a computer forensics expert?

The role of a computer forensics investigation expert is double-pronged, i.e. 

(1) to find the person who committed the crime and 

(2) to collect evidence so the criminal can be prosecuted.

Most cybercrimes go unpunished because of lack of evidence, while the companies affected suffer due to the sabotage/ data loss/ data corruption/ virus attack and so on. There are many illegal activities that can be perpetrated with the help of computers and the Internet. 

Some of these would include:

  • use of username and password without authorization
  • victimizing people on the Internet
  • introducing malware/ virus/ harmful program into the company's computers/ server
  • stalking people online
  • fraudulent transfer of money
  • spying
  • fraudulent e-commerce
  • any type of stealing (data/ money/ information/ etc)

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