Samsung Engineering Placement Papers & Interview Questions with answers

Samsung - HR Interview Questions/Technical Interview Questions/Aptitude Interview Questions

1.What is the stack?
2.What is meant a compiler?
3.What is Postfix Expression?
4.What is D-Queue?
5.What is Spanning Tree?
6.Explain Identifiers?
7.Advantages of inheritance?
8.What is Inheritence? Types of it?
9.What is Forward Declaration?
10.Find press difference in two limbs of differential manometer.
11.Units of kinematic viscosity. 1 stoke=1cm2/s.
12.To flow rate through an orifice in given dimensions.
13.To write expression for fouling resistance.
14.Why we use baffles to increase turbulence?
15.Why multi pass heat exchanger is used?
16.what is the value of EOF ? answer =-1
17.What is meant by pure virtual functions?
18.Define overloading and operator overloading?
19.char* fun()
{ return(“samsung india”);
20.What is meant by Console programs in C++?
21.Do you know about variables and its types?
extern int i;
int i=20;
answer:linker error
23.What is a Hypertext link?
24.Explain encapsulation?
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