What is the full form of AAAA?

What is the full form of AAAA?

Full-Form of AAAA in Medical

Association for Applied Animal Andrology: The basic purpose of the Association for Applied Animal Andrology is to encourage and disseminate information on applied animal andrology.  The inaugural formal activity was a meeting of the Association, was held on 25/26 November 1998 in Hercegloem, Hungary. The Andrology meeting set the scene for regular, important meetings to be held biennially, at least initially, and alternately between Europe and North America. Many internationally respected individuals have already joined the association.

Full-Form of AAAA in Accounting

Asian Academic Accounting Association: The Asian Academic Accounting Association (FourA) was formed after two meetings, in June 1998 in Hong Kong and in October 1998 in Hawaii, attended by interested representatives representing various academic accounting associations in Asia. The meeting was chaired by Professor Shahrukh Saudagar (formerly Chairman, International Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association). The association aims to provide a platform for individuals with a professional interest in accounting education and research and their impact on practice. It will work to increase communication and cooperation among its members residing in Asia and elsewhere. The association will also provide input education and represent the interests and views of its members on matters related to accounting education, research, and practice. The main activity of the association is to conduct an annual conference that will be organized by an appointed host in any Asian country.

Full-Form of AAAA in Military

Army Aviation Association of America: AAAA was formed in early 1957 by a small group of senior Aviation Officers in the active Army, the Reserve Forces of the U.S. Army, and industry. The Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) is the only not-for-profit organization dedicated to representing the broad interests of Army Aviation. It is set-up with the mission to Support the United States Army Aviation Soldier and Family.

Full-Form of AAAA in Sports

Athleticism Attitude Academics and Adversity

Asian Amateur Athletic Association: The Asian Athletics Association is the continental governing body for the sport of athletics in Asia which was established in 1973. It is headquartered in Singapore. It hosts Asian championships in athletics and other continental competitions. The current chairman Qatari Dahlan Juman al-Hamad, who was elected to the post in 2013.

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