Statement and Conclusion Reasoning Study Materials

Statement and Conclusion Reasoning Study Materials

Statements And Conclusions Questions Consists Of A Statement Followed By Certain Conclusions.

Conclusions is the fact that can be truly Derived from the content of statement. Candidates are required to logically think about the given statement and its conclusions.

Mainly There Are Two Types Of Questions Asked In Statements And Conclusions :

Type 1 : Logical Conclusions :

Statement : These apples are too expensive to be bad.

Conclusion 1 : When apples are in short supply,the prices go up.

Conclusion 2 : The higher the selling price,the superior is the quality of quantity.

OPTION A : if only Conclusion I follows.

OPTION B : if only Conclusion II follows.

OPTION C : if either I or II is follows.

OPTION D : if neither I nor II is follows.

OPTION E : if both I and II is follows.

Type 2 : Mathematical Conclusions :

Statement : G ≥ R> O ≥ S; Y < O ≤ F

Conclusion 1 : G > Y

Conclusion 2 : S ≤ F

OPTION A : if only Conclusion I true.

OPTION B : if only Conclusion II true.

OPTION C : if either I or II is true.

OPTION D : if neither I nor II is true.

OPTION E : if both I and II is true.

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