ZMA & Muscle Building

ZMA has been used as a powerful anabolic supplement combining zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6. This simple blend of vitamins and minerals has been clinically tested, and it has been proven to promote healthy anabolic levels and muscle strength in trained athletes.

What Does ZMA Do?

Studies show that supplementing with just 30mg of zinc and 450mg of testosterone levels. By increasing testosterone levels, it can improve sex drive in men. But it can also increase natural muscle building and fat burning. And there’s a large body of evidence and studies to support it.

The Scientific Studies

The best-known study comes from Lorrie Brilla Ph.D., a sports performance researcher at Western Washington University. This study showed that in NCAA football players, it can significantly increase testosterone levels and muscle strength. It was presented on June 2, 1999, at the 46th meeting of the American College of Sports medicine in Seattle, WA, and published in the official ACSM journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Volume 31, No 5 May 1999.

These NCAA football players were tested during an 8-week spring training program, showing that the test group was able to gain 2.5 more muscle strength than the placebo. Results were measured using a Biodex isokinetic dynamometer, and strength specifically increased by 11.6% in the test group as opposed to only 4.6% in the placebo group.

This is certainly not the only study. There are other studies that show that ZMA can increase testosterone levels, increase muscle strength and mass, and help you to improve any workouts. You certainly don’t have to be an NCAA football player or a professional athlete of any kind.

How To Find The Best ZMA Formula

ZMA is one of the few blends where you cannot go wrong. You need specific amounts of 3 vitamins, and while some have added other ingredients, most products I’ve seen have the basics. The only difference I can honestly tell is the quality of these 3 ingredients, which is somewhat debatable.

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