Top 5 best ways to prepare english for banking exams

English for Bank Exams

English question papers for Bank Exams or tests of English for bank exams consist of comprehension; fill in the blanks, Para jumbles, sentence corrections, idiom & phrases, etc. In all the bank exams English Section has become a very important section as in IBPS Exams it is part of both Tiers I and Tier II exams. 

To perform well in the English Language section of the Bank Exams right strategy would be to read a good English newspaper on a regular basis. The editorial part of the newspaper helps the aspirants not only in building their comprehension skills but also in other parts also as it helps in building your understanding of the language. Note down the difficult words and look up their meaning in the dictionary which will automatically build your vocabulary. 

Friends this sounds very basic but let me tell you it is very effective. You should also try to build your knowledge of grammar which you can do by reading good grammar books of the 10th level. Also, attempt practice sets for the English language on a regular basis and keep an eye on your score. What you can do here for improvement is that after attempting the practice set you should revisit it and find out the questions in which you have faced difficulty. Find out the solutions to such questions to make sure that you do it correctly next time. You know friends once you start doing this you will find that you are able to do well in this section since questions are based on certain patterns hence you will find similar types of questions again and again.

Comprehension is an important part and the scope of achieving high marks is always possible as normally around 15 questions are based on a paragraph which can be easily solved quickly once you understand the paragraph. Reading the newspaper and articles will help you to master this part. Try to solve one paragraph daily and also try to read quickly which will help you to save your precious time. Another area in which a very high score can be attained without devoting much time is the fill-in-the-blanks section. 

Normally you will find about 15 questions in the exam (10 in a paragraph where you have to fill in the blanks in the sentences and 5 questions on conventional fill-in-the-blanks type questions). You can again score high marks here if you can improve your grammatical skills. Questions where you have to fill in the blanks in a paragraph you should first try to understand what exactly the passage is about. If you can understand the passage you will find answers to some of the questions just by applying common sense. But again the more reading you will do in a regular manner the more comfortable you become with the English language. 

Another area that is very common is of finding errors in a sentence. This part is a little bit tricky as you need to have a good understanding of the grammatical rules to attempt such questions. However, if you practice in a regular manner you will find that there are some common types of errors which you will find again and again in different practice sets and question papers. Try to master such a set of rules as it will not take much time and 100% accuracy will be assured. We can summarize the important tips as under:

Reading habit is very crucial for aspirants as it helps in building knowledge of the English Language. Read one good newspaper daily.

Find out the difficult words, note them down and find out the meanings in the dictionary.

After attempting the practice set revert back and find all the questions which you could not attempt or which you attempted wrongly. Find out their solutions and make sure you do it correctly next time.

Learn the basic rules of grammar and work on it regularly as it is important to have an understanding of the grammar.

Try to write short notes on any day-to-day topics which will help you to prepare for the descriptive part and will also help you to develop your skill of sentence formation and proper usage of grammar.

We are very much sure that if the aspirants can follow such a routine they will surely do well in this section. Feel free to write us for any further queries. We will also advise you on some of the best books which you may read for this particular section.

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