What is Payday Loan?

Recently there is a popular loan that can be a good alternative for people with short-term financial difficulties. Instead of pawning personal property people now can take a payday loan, a short-term loan extended until your payday. 

Payday loans (also known as cash advances or personal loans) are small-dollar, short-term, unsecured loans that borrowers promise to repay out of their next paycheck or regular income payment (such as a social security check).

Payday loans can be acquired by anyone, even those with a bad credit history. However, keep in mind that payday loans are meant to be paid back within a short period of time. The idea of a payday loan is that you receive a payday prior to receiving your paycheck. Once you have received your next paycheck you are expected to pay back your loan.


The amount of money you can receive depends on how much money you make. If you earn a high income you have a greater chance to have a greater amount.. The amount of your payday loan is completely dependent on your income because that will determine whether or not you will be able to pay back your loan with the charge and in what amount of time. Usually, the approved amount is between $100 and $500.

Since payday loans are meant to be paid back within a short amount of time, it is important to companies that they do not lend an employee more money than the person will be able to pay by their next payday. The borrowers also have to consider that they definitely can pay back in a certain time.

Payday loans are usually priced at a fixed dollar fee, which represents the finance charge to the borrower. Because these loans have such short terms to maturity, the cost of borrowing expressed as an annual percentage rate (APR), is very high. 

This is why the borrower must be careful using payday loans as an alternative. Currently, fees charged on payday loans range from $15 to $30 on each $100 advance. In fact, it may be equivalent to an APR of almost 300%. This sounds high, but it may be manageable if the loan is repaid on time. Don’t ever think to take a payday loan if you’re not sure can’t pay it back on time.

However, when applying for a loan people should evaluate the costs and benefits of all alternatives before borrowing. The key to success with a payday loan is to borrow only what you need to and repay it on time. That’s all 


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