What Proper Nutrition For Hair Loss?

Ask the reader: my hair falling heavily and suffer from severe anemia I want to know how to feed her sound? .

Answer to this question a doctor dishonest Aboul Fotouh advisory therapeutic feeding, saying there are many reasons that could lead to hair loss, of course, anemia part of it and also suffered many of hair loss if they have poor blood circulation and in acute symptoms, surgery, dermatology, sudden loss of weight, sugar and gland disease thyroid and stress and finally malnutrition and vitamin deficiency there are some dietary tips and objectivity, which may be useful in this regard: 

1 – the use of apple cider vinegar in the rinse helps hair growth. 

2 – glycyrrhizin and garlic may help prevent hair loss, it is possible used to hair or scalp can be addressed through the mouth. 

3 – If you suffer from anemia to be addressing these eating proteins, green leafy vegetables, as well as taking into account the pulses mixed with grains such as corn, with beans and add the orange juice with the meal and can eat iron supplement for a certain period to permanently eliminate anemia. 

4 – eating foods that contain calcium is very important for hair and nails so milk and dark vegetables are very important in the daily diet. 

5 – eating foods rich in biotin is very useful for hair and skin so that it may prevent hair loss in some men and contains biotin-rich foods, beer yeast, brown rice, peas, lentils, soybeans, walnuts, sunflower seeds. 

6 – Do not take foods that contain raw eggs like mayonnaise, for example, it is indispensable Balaviden, a protein that binds with biotin and prevents its absorption either cooked eggs, it is possible to eat it. 

7 – Avoid hair treated harshly not Tmhth until dry as wet hair tends to secession. 

8 – Finally must consult your doctor if you notice hair fall dramatically.

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