7 Tips To Stimulate Your Body To Burn More Fat Quickly

7 Tips To Stimulate Your Body To Burn More Fat Quickly

Obesity and weight gain of the leading health problems facing human and exposure to chronic diseases and raise chances of injury heart disease and sometimes some cancers, and more than the number of people overweight billionth person, including 300 million at least people living with obesity, is the high proportion of fat blood of the leading problems of high weight, according to the World Health Organization must not exceed this percentage 20% for men and 30% for women, and offers you the “seventh day” highlighted tips to stimulate your body to burn more fat and reduce the rate of blood quickly, according to a medical report published on a website of the American Medical reliable: 

7 tips to stimulate your body to burn more fat quickly 

1. Always add low-calorie foods to your daily meals, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and green leafy vegetables, fish, and low-fat meat, and completely away from cakes, cookies, ice cream, and fried foods. 

2. Drinking a glass full of water during meals until you feel fullness and satiety quickly, and care must be taken to address the water during the day and replace high-calorie drinks and a few nutritionally beneficial, such as soft drinks and stimulants containing large amounts of sugar and alcohol. 

3. Eating small meals balanced in terms of the number of carbohydrates, proteins and repeated every 3 hours instead of eating large amounts of food only 3 times a day, and as he likes careful to eat once waking directly; because of its role admirably in reducing feeling hungry throughout the today. 

4. Check out the menu that offers you in good restaurants and choose healthy foods and non-fatty, and also prefer boiled and grilled foods that have been cooked on steam, and avoid adding more cheese, sauces, butter, or any other additives. 

5. To avoid excessive eating: Chew your food thoroughly and slowly put the spoon aside while chewing, and do not get back on a spoon or another bite of food until completely swallowing the food inside your mouth. 

6. Doing long-running and walking at least three days per week on a regular basis is one of the very important things to reduce the proportion of fat in the blood. 

7. Enrollment in one of the gyms and training exercises amplify muscle under the supervision of a specialist, where The addition of 3 Rtalat of muscle mass to your body increases your ability to burn additional amounts of calories up to 1050 kcal per week.

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