Write the difference between weather and climate in a tabular form.

Weather Climate
The weather of a place includes the short-term atmospheric condition. The climate of a country or zone includes the long-term average atmospheric conditions.
Weather can change within short span of time like minutes and hours. Climate takes very long time to change.
Weather is studied for a smaller area. Climate is studied for a larger area.
Weather changes very frequently and may vary at intervals of few minutes, hours and days. Climate does not change so frequently.
Weather data are recorded at a specific time. Climate dara are recorded for a period of more than 30 years.
The study of weather forecasting is known as meteorology. The study of climate is called climatology.
Weather is a momentary state of atmosphere. Climate refers to average weather conditions over a long period of time.
Frequency of weather change can be many times a day and can be seen easily. Frequency of climate change is a long process and can't be seen so easily.
Example: Rainy day Example: Rainy season, Monsoon season

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