Why Power Sharing is Desirable in Democracy?

Power Sharing is derived from two words, Power and Sharing.

Power is derived from the Latin word "potere" meaning "to be able". Thus, power refers to the authority or ability to do something.

Share refers to give a portion of anything to others. Thus, power-sharing as a whole refers to the sharing of power by two governments, or two political parties, especially in disputed territory.

Below we are listing few reasons which make power sharing desirable:

1. Prudential Reasons:

- They help to reduce the possibility of conflicts between two or more social groups. They give space to each and every social group in the democracy.

- It is a good way to ensure political stability in a democracy.

2. Moral Reasons:

- Power-sharing in the spirit of democracy. A legitimate government is where citizens through participation acquire a stack in the system.

- People need to consulted on how they are to be governed.

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