What is Dedicated Hosting?

Hosting option whereby the host provides and is responsible for the equipment, dedicating an entire server to the client’s websites.

Dedicated hosting can be less expensive than shared hosting for people with many websites.

A dedicated web server hosting involves the leasing of an entire server from a dedicated server host company. The hosting company owns, maintains, and backs up the server while providing all the security, power management, and other aspects of maintaining a data center. The site developer is responsible for all web server software issues.

A dedicated server is the best solution for traffic-heavy businesses that lack the staff, resources, and security to build, install, and maintain an in-house solution. With a dedicated server, leasing saves on network administrator positions for a company. A dedicated hosting account is usually cheaper overall than an in-house solution, and businesses can reap savings of up to 85% on a per month basis.

Advantages of dedicated web hosting:




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