Basic Computer Organization-OUTPUT UNIT

Basic Computer Organization

Output Unit

            The job of an output unit is just reverse of that of an input unit. It supplies the information obtained from data processing, to the outside world. Hence, it links the computer with the external environment. As computers work with binary code, the results produced are also in the binary form. Hence, before supplying the results to the outside world they must be converted to human acceptable (readable) form. This is accomplished by units called output interfaces. Output interfaces are designed to match the unique physical or electrical characteristics of output devices (terminals, printers, etc.) to the requirements of the external environment.

In short, the following functions are performed by an output unit:

It accepts the results produced by the computer, which are in coded form, and hence, cannot be easily understood by us.

It converts these coded results to human acceptable (readable) form.

It supplies the converted results to the outside world.

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