What is the full form of AAA?

There are various full forms of AAA in Medical, Research, Electronics as well as Computing. We will go through each one of them.

1. Alacrimia Achalasia Addisonianism

2. Ambulance Association of America

3. American Academy of Addictionology

4. American Academy of Allergy

5. American Academy of Audiology

6. American Acupuncture Association

7. American Against Abortions

8. American Allergy Association

9. Amino Adipic Acid

10. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: It is a dilation or enlargement of part of the aorta that is within the abdomen.

12. Androgenic Anabolic Agent

13. Annual Accountability Agreement

14. Arterio-Arterial Anastomosis

16. A trial of Aspirin Against no Aspirin

17. Automated amino acid analysis

18. Amyloid in Ageing and Alzheimer’s disease

19. Aneurysm of Ascending Aorta

20. Animal Agriculture Alliance

21. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

22. Amino Acid Analysis

23. Appropriate, Affordable, and Available

24. Arrest After Arrival

25. American Ambulance Association

26. Animal Acupuncture Academy

27. Apply to Affected Area

29. Animal-Assisted Activity

30. Acquired Aplastic Anemia

31. Aortic Arch Atherosclerosis

32. Anti-Albumin Antibody

33. Acute Anxiety Attack

34. Acute Apical Abscess

35. Avoidance, Adrenaline, Allergist

36. Aromatic Amino Acid

37. Acne-Associated Arthritis

38. Avoidance, Adrenaline, Allergist

Full-Form of AAA in Computing or Computer

39. Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting: It is a process of identifying a user, determining the permissions granted to that user, and keeping a record of that user's activity.

40. American Automobiles Association: It is a motor club and leisure travel organization serving in North America.

41. Australian Automobiles Association: It is a motor club and leisure travel organization serving in Australia.

42. Anti-Aircraft Artillery: These are weapons that are specially designed to attack aircraft.

Full-Form of AAA in Accounting

43. Accumulated Adjustments Account: It is an account of the S-Corporation that keeps track of profits, losses, and equal dividends paid to all shareholders.

44. American Anthropological Association: This is a professional organization of scholars and practitioners in the field of anthropology. The headquarter of the American Anthropological Association is at Arlington County, Virginia, United States.

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