What is fog computing?

Fog Computing is a distributed computing technique. With the era of the Internet of Things ( IoT ) concept, every single device generates a lot of data. So, sending these generated data on the cloud is quite expensive. So, the required data are analyzed using the computing power of the devices which are in the middle of the network. This is termed as fog computing.

Fog computing is also known as fog networking or fogging or edge computing. The term 'Fog Computing' was defined by Prof. Jonathan Bar-Magen Numhauser in the year 2011 as part of his Ph.D. dissertation project proposal. In January 2012 he presented the concept in the Third International Congress of Silenced Writings at the University of Alcala and published in an official source. Similar to cloud computing, fog computing also provides storage, applications, and data to end-users. However, fog computing is closer to end-users and has a wider geographical distribution.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, ( IEEE ) accepted the Fog Computing standards proposed by OpenFog Consortium.

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