Basic Photoshop Interview questions and answers For Freshers and Experienced

Photoshop Technical Interview Questions with answers:
1.How to resize the image size using Adobe photoshop?
2.What is the procedure for organizing layers in Photoshop?
3.What is the procedure to Unlock the background?
4.What is the meaning of the swatches palette?
5.What is the meaning of the Heal tool?
6.What is the purpose of Lasso tools?
7.What are the layers & masks in photoshop?
8.What is the meaning of Smart Object?
9.What is the purpose of Clone tools?
10.Which of the following platforms do Adobe Illustrator run on?
11.What can not you do to a brushstroke you apply in illustrator 8?
12.Where are the Panels in photoshop?
13.What is Application BAR?
14.What is the workspace?
15.How do you open a document?
16.How do you Display the Guides?
17.What is the purpose of the Crop Tool?
18.What is the purpose of Paint Can and Gradient Tools?
19.What is the purpose of the Hand tool?
20.Explain Colour selection tools?
21.What is the meaning of layer?
22.What is the purpose of Curves?
23.Explain Burning and Dodging?
24.What is the purpose of the Pen tool?
25.What is the meaning of SDK?
26.Explain working with sliders?
27.What is the meaning Options bar?
28.How to working with Pop -up palettes?
29.What is the meaning of the Navigator Palette?
30.What is the meaning of Plug-ins?

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