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2.Macros support multiple arguments?
3.what is orthogonal matrix?
4.How to find second maximum value from a table?
5.Tell me some DOS commands and UNIX?
6.Difference between realloc() and free()?
7.Function overloading and operator overloading?
8.Which of the storage class(es) becomes the global
variables for the = entire Program
(A) Extern
(B) Static
(C) Auto
(D) Register
Answer : Extern
9.A function without any return type declares return=20
A. Integer
B. Float
C. Void
D. Syntax Error
Answer: Integer
10.Which of the following is not a storage class in C?
11.What is hashing ?
12.what are binary trees?. what is its use?
13.what is object?
14.What is the use of control file?
15.what is overridden?
16.What is the value of the following series   1/7 + 2/72 + 1/73 +2/74 + 1/75 + .. . .?
17.How to find out the 9th highest salary in SQL query?
18.Explain the use of CASCADE CONSTRAINTS?
19.Explain normalization with examples?
20.How to generate OIDS ?
21.Difference between declaration and definition?
22.How do you print an address ?
23.What is meant by Numerical integer types?
24.What is the use of DESC in SQL?
25.Explain about SQL related to RDBMS?
26.What are HEAP tables in MySQL?
27.What is SQLLoader?
28.What is inheritance ?
29.What is the difference between VARCHAR and VARCHAR2?
30.What is the use of indexes?Explain about it?
31.What is deadlock?
32.What is DML,DDL?
33.What is the size of integer variable in JAVA?
34.Which one of the following is not a storage type?
1. static 2. register 3. stack
Answer: stack
35.What does static variable mean?
36.What is garbase collection?
37.Explain about creating database?
38.what is Black box testing?
39.Difference between UNION and UNIONALL?
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