What is Google Search Console ?

What is Google Search Console,Google Search Console,Search Console Google

What is Google Search Console ?

What is Google Search Console ?

Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools is one among the free services offered by Google for webmasters to analyse and track their site data.

Google Search Console was previously known as Google Webmaster Tools but later in 2015, Google renamed it as Google Search Console.

In 2018, Search Console Google released a new user friendly interface to make it easy for webmasters to use it.

Sometimes, it is also termed as GSC or Google Webmaster Console or Webmaster Search Console.

Why to use Search Console Google ?

Search Console Google lets webmasters track and submit various data about their websites on Google to increase online visibility as well as it helps in seo ( search engine optimization ).

It is a service to be used by every webmasters in order to increase the performance of a website.

Some common features or webmaster tools embedded in Search Console Google are listed below : 
  • Submit URL of Site - A webmaster can submit their website URL to google search console and then verify it to use this service.
  • Submit Sitemap of Site - This help webmaster to submit a sitemap to google in order to let google know about list of posts on a website.
  • Submit Robot.txt file - This lets user to allow and disallow crawling of website's pages and posts from search engine. Webmasters can also modify Robot.txt file in order to hide certain pages or data of their website from search engine.
  • Track number of website pages and posts indexed by google.
  • Number of interior links as well as exterior links to a website.
  • Track number of visitors visited the website and their locations.
  • Duplicate pages of a website.
  • Broken links of a website.
  • Receive messages and notifications regarding indexed pages, crawl errors and penalties related to a website.
  • User friendly performance dashboard containing website data regarding number of clicks, number of visits, keywords used for search etc.
  • URL inspection tool to check website URL status.
  • Mobile friendly pages of a website.
Conclusion : Google Search console is not only a tool to check performance of a website but it is also used to enhance search engine ranking of a website. Hence, every webmaster who owns a website must use this service for better results.

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