Is the sun a star ?

is the sun a star

Is the sun a star?

Question: Is the sun a star?

Answer: Yes, The sun is a star.

Clarification: The sun in the solar system is known as a star in the solar system. The reason behind it is " Sun shows some characteristics which are similar to other stars in the universe ". 

Below we are listing some of the important characteristics of the sun which makes the sun a star:
  • Sun is luminous: Here luminous refers to giving off lights or shining. According to the ancient age definition on the star, it was defined as anything that shines in the sky is a star. Sun also shines in the sky and thus the sun is a star.
  • Sun has its own light: Generally, stars has its own light. Stars are capable of producing their own light by the fusion reaction but planets absorb light from some other sources of energy like sun and stars. Like stars, the sun is also capable of producing its own light by the fusion reaction in their core and thus it is classified as a star.
  • Sun is made up of plasma and gases: Stars are made up of plasma and gases like hydrogen and helium. The sun in the solar system also contains plasma as well as gases like hydrogen and helium and thus the scientists referred to the sun as a star.
  • The high temperature of the sun: Stars temperatures are generally too high. The high temperature of the sun makes it a star.
  • The fusion of hydrogen into helium gas in the core of the sun: As the stars produce their own energy by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium. The sun is also capable to sustain fusion of hydrogen into helium in its core, and this reaction produces enough heat to turn its matter into plasma which is extremely hot, radiating light and energy. Thus, the sun is a star.
  • Big size and the large mass of the sun: According to the research, star generally had a big size and a large mass. In the case of the sun, it is a huge body with the most massive components in our solar system which is around 99.86 % of the mass of the entire solar system. Hence, it is referred to as a star.
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