The most important rule for those who are crazy about healthy eating is keeping their balance. Your organism must get all the necessary vitamins and microelements and if your diet is balanced, your organism will function properly and you will be healthy and happy. This rule applies to everybody: kids, grown-ups, and elderly people - that's why try to make clear the following tips for your family members:

1. Having everyday meals must be enjoyable, so slow mag and if you share a meal with your family or friends, you are happy, because you can communicate while eating, you can learn something new about other people's food preferences, you can even work out your own menu together, trying to include as many healthier foods as possible.

2. You need energy if you want to be productive, that's why having breakfast is vital! You should not overeat of course, but cereal and fruit will make you energetic and brisk.

3. Diversify your diet. If you eat products of the same kind, your organism cannot get all the necessary vitamins and minerals: there is no product that contains them all.

4. The food you eat must be based on carbohydrates. Such foods as rice, bread, cereals, and potatoes are rich in carbohydrates. Why not bake your own bread? Its smell is wonderful and it is extremely tasty!

5. Fruits and vegetables will enrich your organism with fiber and vitamins. Remember no less than five servings a day! A glass of juice counts.

6. Consume less fatty products: sausages, French fries, etc. Our organism needs some fats, but do not overdo them! If you have fatty foods for lunch, you must have a fat-free dinner.

7. The snacks you have must be various as well. You should choose snacks that will not help you to gain extra calories and fats. Nuts and chocolate bars cannot be called the best variants; be more creative and buy some dried fruits, yogurt, and cheese. From time to time you can eat a piece of cake especially if you are physically active all day long.

8. You should drink enough liquids, approximately five glasses a day. When it is hot, you need even more. Plain water is better than any other drink, but sometimes you can choose milk, tea, juice - they are ok as well.

9. Do not forget to brush your teeth twice a day!

10. Move! If you do not want your body to ossify, an active lifestyle is your way out. Normally active people are not only strong but happy and beautiful as well.

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