VersiLac Could Replace Butter at Less Cost

With the worldwide economy in deep recession, it is becoming harder and harder to pay for the most basic things, not to mention the luxuries.

But Versilac could be your answer to butter prices that seem to be shooting through the roof. This ingredient has been designed to provide a cheaper and healthier replacement for butter and butter-based ingredients.

In a previous demonstration, Versilac’s developers proved that this ingredient can successfully replace up to 100% of non-fat dry milk or whey powder, and at least 25% of either sugar, cocoa, and salt in select bakery, confectionery, beverage, and savory products.

Since most replacement ingredients can leave you longing for the real thing that you grew up with, the makers of Versilac wanted to make this replacement even better than real butter.

There have been new studies that show VersiLac, to not only match butter, but produce moister, richer finished products. Versilac does this by increasing water-holding capacity of butter in baked goods.

Although Versilac passed the taste test, it was put through a much more rigorous testing in the lab. This research reflected that VersiLac allowed for up to 20% butter reduction in brownies, 15% in croissants, and 10% in pound cake.

But Versilac isn’t just beneficial for those with a sweet tooth. The researchers used Versilac in a savory Alfredo sauce and were able to replace 100% of the butter powder.

Kim Peterson, an applications research specialist at Priliant, a Dairy company in Iowa was quoted saying this about Versilac:

“Combined with the replacement of whey powder or non-fat dry milk/skim milk powder, Versilac was able to achieve 10 to 20% butter replacement in different bakery applications. The end result was a rich and moist finished product that was comparable to a much more expensive control product.”

In addition, she says, reducing the amount of butter used made the products healthier; apparently Versilac is a tasty way to save money and be healthier.

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