OTC Weight Loss Ingredients to Avoid

Usually, I focus on one ingredient, and I generally stick to those ingredients that can promote substantial weight loss (when used correctly). But today, I would like to focus on 3 over the counter (all-natural) ingredients that you as a consumer who seriously want to lose weight, should avoid. We hear about these ingredients, and we think that we can trust the media outlets that promote every fad product. But there are some that are worse than others.

1. Reservatrol

Reservatrol may seem like the next big thing. Scientists have never called it a weight loss supplement. But they have talked about its natural and heart-healthy antioxidant benefits. So why wouldn’t you want something like reservatrol (assuming you know what to expect from it)? Because you really don’t know what you are getting with reservatrol.

Most media outlets exaggerate the antioxidant benefits of reservatrol. Ingredients like green tea are better. But it’s more than that. Recent studies have shown that reservatrol may not do anything at all! It seems like a healthy ingredient at first. But recent studies suggest that your body cannot even absorb reservatrol at all! So there’s no point to using it, unless you like wasting money.

2. Hoodia

The thing that worries me most about hoodia is not the fact that hundreds of clinical studies have disproven its effectiveness. I worry about the fact that you don’t know what you are getting! I’m perfectly serious about this. Unfortunately, hoodia is a rare commodity. In fact, unless you live in South Africa, you cannot get it! Government officials have made it illegal to export hoodia from South Africa.

So honestly, you can speculate as to what you are actually getting. But I worry about the side effects. I know that nobody is going to lose weight. But if you don’t know what you are getting, for all you know, it could cause heart attacks, strokes, death, or other serious side effects.

3. Yohimbine

Yohimbine is by far one of the most dangerous ingredients in any weight loss supplement. Ingredients like ephedra were illegalized because ephedra causes heart attacks, strokes, renal failure, and kidney damage. Yohimbine causes the same side effects. But it is still legal for some absurd reason.

The biggest difference between the two actually makes yohimbine more ridiculous. Yohimbine is a natural aphrodisiac meant exclusively for men. It does not promote weight loss and were it to increase the production of testosterone as has been suggested, it would be wholly inappropriate for more than 50% of dieters! And yet, it is commonly used in women’s diet pills. I saved the worst for last. But all 3 of these ingredients are a waste, and each should never be found in any weight loss supplement.

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